Time to head to Tijuana! Some great things are happening right now. Some of us are headed down to catch up with the women and talk about next steps, ideas and product development. The women are passing some serious milestones. From the beginning we have had the goal of making school uniforms, and we are almost there! Elia has made some beautiful top notch uniforms. Now it’s a matter of finding a market and working to get the rest of the women up to speed. This is huge! We are so excited. Not to mention the products we have been getting from the women to sell up here have been a huge success! We hope you continue to keep the women in your prayers as well as us, for clarity and direction as to the next steps. If you would like to contribute to our trip feel free to do so! It is always greatly appreciated. Just hope over to the Donate button and your on your way. We’ll keep you updated when we return from the trip.